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ZTR transformer was shipped for HPP-1 Ekibastuzskaya

Transformer rated for power 630 MVA, voltage 500kV manufactured by PJSC “Zaporozhtransformator” (ZTR) was shipped for TOO “HPP-1 Ekibastuzskaya”, Kazakhstan. Equipment will be installed within program of modernization and renovation of the transformer equipment at EHPP-1 – one of the largest power objects of Kazakhstan republic. Transformer rated for power 630 MVA, voltage 500kV for EHPP-1 was shipped at the transporter of 400 tons with the application of 12 platforms. Due to the operation of technical services of the company, design office of ZTR, successful dispatch of outsized transformer was completed, - informs Alexander Tsier, Sales Director of PJSC “ZTR”. – Transformer for EHPP-1 was manufactured within the maximum short term – 180 days considering all required parameters. ”


Minutes on mutual collaboration was signed between ZTR and Federal Network Company, Russia

Delegation of administration of JSC “Federal Network Company of the United Power system”, headed by Deputy of Chairman of Board – Chief engineer Andrey Vladimirovich Cherezov and Deputy of Chairman of Board – Nikolay Nikolaewich Shwets visited PJSC “Zaporozhtransformator” (ZTR) that resulted in signing the report for mutual collaboration between the companies. Pavel Yevgenevich Alfutin – the Senior expert of substation department and Ivashkin Aleksey Nikolaevich the senior expert of technological development of electrical equipment production were included into delegation.


Insulating production will be modernized by ZTR

Cost of the new equipment complex is USD 600 thd. Project as for modernization of insulating production is completed at PJSC “Zaporozhtransformator” (ZTR) within the investment program related to the improvement of conditions and labour efficiency. Two machines with numeric program control as for the treatment of laminated cardboard as well as four-way longitudinal milling machine for insulating production were put into operation. Machines are intended for the treatment of new multilayered material – “laminate”, based on the fulled-board, glued by synthetic compound. Machines are successfully put into operation and provide production of qualitative insulating parts for the current factory orders.


Audit as for Quality system was successfully completed at ZTR

Audit as for correspondence to standard DSTU 9001:2009 in Ukrainian certification system UkrSEPRO has successfully completed at PJSC “Zaporozhtransformator” (ZTR). Main production workshops and services of the company were audited. Audit was performed by state company “Certification body UkrNIIMet-SERT” (Ukraine, Kharkov).


Sales volume to market of non-traditional energy is increased by ZTR

Three transformers rated for power 40 MVA voltage 150 KV manufactured by PJSC “Zaporozhtransformator” (ZTR) is delivered for wind power plant (WPP) in Botievo. Shipment of second transformer is scheduled for the year 2013. Five transformers will be manufactured and delivered by ZTR. WPP in Botievo is included into the structure of wind power plants “DTEK Priazovskiy” and considered to be one of the largest wind power plant in Ukraine with the specified power 200MW. First wind equipment of power plant is commissioned in October of the year 2012.


ZTR will manufacture 11 reactors to India

PJSC «Zaporozhtransformator» (ZTR) being in consortium with the Indian Crompton Greaves Company (CGL) has signed new contracts with the State Network Company Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. (PGCIL). ZTR will manufacture for India five reactors 80 МVА, 765 kV and six reactors 110 МVА 765 kV. Total power makes up 1060 МVА. The equipment is destined for installation at Bareyli, Varda/Aurangabad and Pune and rated for voltage 765 kV.


Project as for modernization of autotransformers for Russia is completed by ZTR

In November specialists of PJSC “Zaporozhtransformator” (ZTR) have developed project for modernization of four autotransformers rated for power 330 MVA voltage 750/330 kV purposed for improvement of operation reliability of power unit for NPP Kalininskaya, Russia. To improve safety and reliability of equipment old cooling system will be replaced for modern one with application of plate radiators during the implementation of project for modernization. Such type of renovation will reduce costs for operation of equipment, increase efficiency of the transformer operation and provide their qualitative operation as well as permit to use not only forced system of oil and air circulation, as well as natural one.


International audit was successfully completed at ZTR

International audit as for confirmation of correspondence to the international standard ISO 9001:2008 was successfully completed at PJSC “Zaporozhtransformator” (ZTR). Auditing inspection was performed by certification company “SGS” (Great Britain). Due to the active export activity, ZTR is certified according to standard ISO 9001 for 17 years (since the year 1995). Since the year 2006 ZTR has changed for the English system of certification “UKAS” considered to be the most prestigious and widely known in the world.


ZTR will supply 5 transformers to Kyrgyzstan

PJSC «Zaporozhtransformator» (ZTR) is preparing to dispatch 5 transformers for JSC «NEN Kyrgyzstan» (NENK). Under the contract terms, 3 transformers 25 МVА, 110 kV are to be installed at «Parkovaya», «Teplichnaya», «Оsh-6» substations. The rest of transformers rated for power 40 МVА, 110 kV will be supplied for «Кaragachevaya» and «Alamedin» substations. «The present order is our first contract with JSC « NEN Kyrgyzstan», – said Mr. Alexander TSIER, Sales Director of PJSC «ZTR». – Transformers will be installed within the scope of activities as for improvement of power supply of Bishkek and Osh cities. The contract for transformer delivery is under control of Government of Kyrgyzstan Republic and timely delivery influences on the reconstruction of substations that provide the districts of capital Bishkek and nearby cities with power supply».


ZTR will supply transformers for “Kievoblenergo”

PJSC «Zaporozhtransformator» (ZTR) has signed the contract for delivery of 2 transformers 40 MVA, 110 kV for PJSC «N.P.P. Kievoblenergo». Under the contract terms, the equipment will be installed at “Vasilkov” S/S (Ukraine). «ZTR and Kievoblenergo are joined by long-term experience of fruitful cooperation, – said Mr. Alexander TSIER, Sales Director of PJSC «ZTR». – Power-saving company is provided with transformer equipment, manufactured by PJSC «Zaporozhtransformator», that is successfully operated at the company substations».


ZTR has dispatched the transformer 750 kV of the largest capacity for “Ukrenergo”

“Zaporozhtranformator” PJSC (ZTR) has dispatched for SE NEC “Ukrenergo” 2 transformers 333 MVA, 750 kV. Equipment will be installed in Dneprovskaya and Zapadnaya power energy systems. “ZTR and Ukrenergo are mutually benefit partners over the long period of time, - said Galina KARYAKA, Head of Sales office for ZTR PJSC Ukraine, Byelorussia and Moldova. – Since 2004, “Zaporozhtranformator” collaborates with all power energy systems of SE NEC “Ukrenergo: North, South, West, South-West, Central, Donbaskaya, Dneprovskaya and Crimean power energy companies. The next 2 transformers were dispatched for the power energy company, to demonstrate the continuation of fruitful collaboration”.


ZTR brand is in the top ten of the most valuable trademarks of Ukraine

ZTR brand has entered the top ten of the most valuable corporative brands of Ukraine as referred to release of annual rating of Ukrainian companies “Guard of Brands”. Popular rating includes 200 of the most valuable branches of economics ranked according to the brand value. Zaporozhtranformator” PJSC has gained the ninth rank in general national rating. For the first time the brand has entered the rank of the most valuable corporative brands of Ukraine.


Transformers manufactured by ZTR will be delivered to HPP – 1 Ekibastuzskaya

Contract on the transformer delivery for TOO “HPP-1 Ekibastuzskaya”, Kazakhstan, was signed by PJSC “Zaporozhtransformator” (ZTR). In accordance with requirements of the contract ZTR will manufacture 2 autotransformers rated for 267 MVA voltage 500/220kV, transformer rated for 40MVA, voltage 35MVA and 630 MVA, voltage500kV. Equipment will be installed within the program of modernization and updating of the transformer equipment at HPP-1 Ekibastuzskaya – one of the largest energy objects of Kazakhstan Republic.


ZTR equipment corresponds to Saudi Arabia standards

“Zaporozhtranformator” PJSC (ZTR) has been pre-qualified in generation subdivision of the company “Saudi Electricity Company” (SEC). ZTR has gain a right to participate in the company tenders for delivery of transformer equipment rated for capacity up to 250 MVA and voltage up to 400 kV (maximum voltage for Saudi Arabia).


Prime - minister of Ukraine visited ZTR

Within the business trip to Zaporozhye region Prime-Minister of Ukraine Nikolay Azarov has visited “Zaporozhtransformator” PJSC.   Governor of Zaporozhye region Alexander Peklushenko, Chairman of Regional Council Pavel Matvienko, head of the city Alexander Sin, deputies of urban and regional councils were the members of this business delegation. Government will increase “Zaporozhtransformator” PJSC purchases.  Prime-Minister informed during visit to enterprise. «We construct transmission lines between APP Rovenskaya and Khmelnitskaya. We start construction of the 3d and 4th power units at KAPP – there you will be busy enough», - said Nikolay Azarov.


ZTR has consolidated its positions in the market of Guatemala

“Zaporozhtranformator” PJSC (ZTR) has signed new contract with Solway Investment Group (SIG) company for delivery of two power transformers 100 MVA, 34,5 kV for Fenix Ferronickel Plant (Guatemala). This will be the second contract for delivery of ZTR transformers to Guatemala, been the 85-th country in the company sales reference-list of the year 2012. Equipment is supplied within the scope of reconstruction of Fenix Ferronickel Plan and are purposed for power supply of furnace transformers. According to the requirements of the customer, design of the transformer windings will be made following the special technology of high voltage (HV) winding reconnection for two voltage levels 34,5 kV and 17,25 kV.


Kenya has become the 86th country in the delivery reference of ZTR

Kenya republic has become the 86th country in sale reference-list of the transformer equipment manufactured by PJSC “Zaporozhtransformator” (ZTR). In July of the current year ZTR has signed a contract for the delivery of 4 transformers rated for 90 MVA voltage 220 kV for Kenyan company “The Kenya Electricity Generating Company” (“KenGen”). Equipment will be installed on the geothermal power stations “OLKARIA-I” and “OLKARIA-IV”. General contractor of the project has become a Korean company “Hyundai Engineering and Construction Company LTD” which has won bidding for the building of power plant in Kenya and has performed a contest among wide-world transformer manufacturers. “Due to the broad experience of equipment deliveries of high quality to Africa as well as confirmation of order execution in specified terms, ZTR proposition has become the most competitive, – informs Sales Director of PJSC “ZTR”, Alexander Tsier. – It will be the first delivery of equipment manufactured by ZTR to Kenya as well as the first cooperation experience with “Hyundai Engineering and Construction Company LTD” that is why it is necessary to execute completely all requirements of the contract for the beginning of successful cooperation.”


ZTR has supplied transformer for Dneproblenergo

“Zaporozhtranformator” PJSC (ZTR) has manufactured and delivered the transformer 63 MVA, 150 kV for S/S Zavodskaya” (Ukraine). Equipment is to be installed instead of the transformer manufactured by ZTR, which had been operated above 50 years. General contractor is “Dneproblenergo” PJSC, included into energy company DTEK. “Dneproblenergo is the strategic partner of ZTR, - said Galina KARYAKA, Head of Sales office for ZTR PJSC Ukraine, Byelorussia and Moldova. – More than 90% of the company equipment contains of transformers manufactured by “Zaporozhtranformator”; therefore it is too important for us to maintain quality of supplied equipment, being the leader of this branch”.


Reliable power supply of Kazakhstan capital will be provided by ZTR

PJSC “Zaporozhtransformator” (ZTR) has signed a contract for delivery of six autotransformers rated for power 250 MVA voltage class 220/110 kV for S/S “Dostyk” and S/S “”Shygys» (Kazakhstan). Contract was signed within the project for construction of three substations for Astana city and electrification of Kazakhstan capital. TPEP (“Teplopromelectroproekt”, Kazakhstan) has become general contractor, it performs design and construction works in the energy field. «ZTR cooperates with the company for a long time, it provides transformer equipment for objects of petroleum, fuel and power industries, – mentioned Euvgeniy Burmakov, Head of sales office to Kazakhstan, Middle Asia and Transcaucasia of PJSC “ZTR”.  – In the year 2011 ZTR has completed one of three substations of Astana city, two autotransformers were delivered to S/S “Batys”.  This order is very important for our company and it is familiar to project as for equipment of 4 Moscow substations in the year 2006. 35 units manufactured by ZTR were delivered according to contract».


ZTR has won in the competition as for the best collective agreement

In accordance with the results of the year 2011 PJSC “Zaporozhtransformator” has won in the competition as for the best collective agreement. Competition was carried out by Federation of labour union of Ukraine; it is carried out every year on the field, regional, national levels.   Certificate of winner was handed to the representatives of ZTR by chairman of Zaporozhye state administration Alexander Peklushenko. Zaporozhye regional board of labour union considered collective agreement of ZTR one of the best on the regional level in nomination “Companies with number of workers from 1501 up to 5000”.


Sanatory building of Sanatorium and dispensary complex “Chayka” of PJSC “ZTR” is one of the best in the city

Investments for ZTR sanatorium-preventorium made up UAH 2.5mln. Repair of sanatory building of sanatorium and dispensary complex “Chayka” of PJSC “Zaporozhtransformator” (ZTR) is already completed. Investments of project as for renovation of sanatory building made up UAH 2.5 mln. Applied assets were directed for reconstruction and modernization of medical base of sanatorium-preventorium. Repair work were commenced in October of the year 2011 and completed in May of the current year. For the present time sanatory building of “Chayka” is equipped with new baths and shower cubicles for medical procedures, there are also baths with hydro massage, speleoroom, infrared sauna and also updated rooms of laser and physiotherapy. «For the present sanatory building of ZTR is one of the best in the city, - mentioned Tatyana ZYK, Director on Administrative and social affairs of PJSC “ZTR”.  – Our purpose is to create and provide all conditions to keep health of ZTR workers on the high level».


Transformer – “million kVA” for Russia will be manufactured by ZTR

In the current year unit step-up transformer rated for 1000 MVA (1000000 kVA) and 500kV will be manufactured by PJSC “Zaporozhtransformator” (ZTR) for HPP Beresovskaya (RF).  This transformer is to be the new development of ZTR. Unique monitoring system manufactured by “Zaporozhtransformator” will be delivered in the complete set of the transformer. Loss, overall and weight characteristics of equipment are lowered significantly by application of advanced engineer solutions in the transformer construction in complete set of new materials.     Product is developed by means of interchangeability as for connecting dimensions as well as electrical magnetic characteristics of previously manufactured transformers of similar power.   It permits to minimize Customer costs for start-up as well as operate transformer rated for power 1000 MVA voltage class 500 kVA at sites manufactured by enterprise earlier. Monitoring system, having no analogues among Russian and Ukrainian manufacturers, has become owner innovation development of PJSC “ZTR”.  Specialists of company provide operation of device in such way that by means of this system condition of the transformer equipment could be determined without complex expert evaluation of the transformer in operation with stated recommendations for maintenance staff.


Delegation of «Saudi Electricity Company» has visited “ZTR”

On May 14-15, 2012 delegation of «Saudi Electricity Company» SEC (Saudi Arabia) directed by consultant Mr. Mohammed Yousuff had business trip to PJSC “Zaporozhtransformator” within which our factory was audited by representatives of the company.  In accordance with auditing results SEC will make a decision as for possibilities to order ZTR transformer equipment for projects «Saudi Electricity Company» in generation field.
SEC has strict requirements to the Supplier level as well as quality of the delivered equipment.  For bid, new manufacturer should be included into the list of approved company suppliers, pre-qualified and demonstrate correspondence to SEC criteria.
During the audit representatives of «Saudi Electricity Company» were familiarized with the main production workshops of ZTR, they have discussed conditions of correspondence of equipment as well as ZTR technologies to SEC requirements.  Inner standards of company are stricter if compared with international standards IEC and ANSI – they include additional requirements which are not described in international standards. SEC requires to follow their inner standards during the development of the transformer construction as well as testing that was approved by ZTR and documented by meeting report.


ZTR will supply the equipment for the Caspian pipeline consortium

PJSC «Zaporozhtransformator» (ZTR) will deliver 4 transformers TD-25 000/220 kV and reactor RTM-50 000/220 kV for the Caspian pipeline consortium (CPC). Two of four transformers will be installed at “НПС3” S/S, the rest two – at “НПС4” S/S. The reactor manufactured by ZTR will be supplied at “Atirai” S/S. One of the Project general Contractors was the investment-industrial corporation ZHERSU, which is the permanent and reliable partner for PJSC «Zaporozhtransformator». Within the collaboration with this corporation, ZTR signed successfully more than 10 contracts. The first delivery of the transformer equipment was carried out in 2005 for the KEGOC Company. ZTR continues traditions of collaboration with ZHERSU supplying the high-quality equipment with required technical parameters as well as within specified terms.


ZTR is the winner of the first round of All-Ukrainian rating

PJSC “Zaporozhtransformator” (ZTR) has become the winner of the first round of All-Ukrainian rating “Prompt taxpayer-2011”. Association of taxpayer of Ukraine concluded the first round of annual Rating. PJSC “Zaporozhtransformator” has become the winner of the competitive contest due to the particular services and achievements in nomination “Prompt taxpayer in the industrial field: Heavy industry” in the category “Large enterprises”. Due to the victory in the first round of the rating, ZTR could fix status of the reliable business-partner in public as well as to obtain social acknowledgement and appreciation from the government for the adequate execution of their tax obligations. PJSC “ZTR” took part in Rating for the second time. In the year 2011 company took 2nd place in the first round.


ZTR will supply the transformers for DOOSAN Corporation, Vietnam

ZTR has signed the contract with the Company “DOOSAN Heavy Industries and Construction” for delivery of two auxiliary transformers TRDCN-100000/23-Т1 for Mong Duong 2 Coal Fired Power Project P/P (Vietnam). The final client of the Project is the Company «AES-VCM Mong Duong Power Company Limited», being a part of the largest international energy company AES. Prior to the contract signing, the DOOSAN representatives audited the Company. Due to professional competence of ZTR employees, the high quality level of output production was successfully approved. «This is our first contract with the Korean general contracting Company, – noticed Mr. Alexander Tsier, Sales Director of PJSC «ZTR». – DOOSAN prefers to use the transformer equipment of the Korean manufacturers, and distrusts the new suppliers no having experience of cooperation with the Korean Companies. Having signed the first contract, we expect to use it as reference one as well as seek the signing of new contracts with the Korean general contracting companies».


ZTR will manufacture 7 reactors for India

PJSC «Zaporozhtransformator» (ZTR) being in consortium with the Indian Crompton Greaves Company has signed new contract with the State Network Company – Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd – for delivery of reactors. The equipment rated for voltage 765 kV is purposed for Wardha and Aurangabad Substations. ZTR will manufacture for India one reactor ROM-80000/765 and six reactors ROM-110000/765. The rest part of order – 10 reactors ROM-80000/765 – will be manufactured at plant of the Indian partner basing on ZTR technology.


ZTR will supply the autotransformer for Armenia

ZTR will supply the autotransformer 125 MVA/220/110 kV for restoration of «Gyumri» S/S, Armenia. General Contractor of the Project is one of the world leader of the electrotechnical branch – the Company «Alstom Grid» (Germany, Dresden). The equipment is to be installed instead of the transformer manufactured by ZTR, which was in successful operation during more than 40 years. «Alstom» held tendering among the European enterprises-suppliers of the transformer equipment advancing the rigid demands related to terms and drawing up of the technical documentation. Due to the experience in deliveries of equipment having the required characteristics as well as within specified terms, PJSC “Zaporozhtransformator” became the confident winner resulting from the intensive tendering competitions. «Such cooperation of ZTR with the German Company is not the first one, – noticed Mr. Evgeniy Burmakov, Head of PJSC “ZTR” Sales Department for Kazakhstan, Central Asia and Transcaucasia. – In 2008, «Zaporozhtransformator» delivered the reactor 100 000/400 for the substation being under the construction in Rumania. Due to this delivery, we continue the tradition of fruitful cooperation between PJSC «ZTR» and Alstom».


Guatemala has become the 85th country in ZTR sales reference-list

Furnace transformers rated for power 45 MVA, 34.5 kV will be manufactured by the company for the first time. Guatemala has become the 85th country in sales reference-list of the transformer equipment manufactured by “Zaporozhtransformator” (ZTR). PJSC “Zaporozhtransformator” (ZTR) has signed contract as for delivery of four furnace transformers EOCNK- 45 000/34.5 for Compania Guatemalteca de Nickel S.A. (CGN). Solway Investment Group (SIG) has become the Customer; it includes metallurgical plants in Eastern Europe, south-eastern Asia and southern America. Furnace transformers are intended for one of enterprises of SIG – Compania Guatemalteca de Nickel S.A.IN Guatemala.


ZTR transformer will be delivered for “Roshen” corporation

PJSC “Zaporozhtransformator” (ZTR) has signed contract with International confectionery corporation  «Roshen» (Vinnitsa, Ukraine) for the delivery of the transformer TDN-25 000/110. «ZTR has delivered the first transformer for corporation in May of the year 2010, – tells the head of sales office in to Ukraine, Byelorussia and Moldova Galina Karyaka. – Equipment was installed at substation as power supply source of factory «Roshen» as well as analogous light show fountain which was opened in Vinnitsa in September in the year 2011».


ZTR transformer will be delivered for ski resort Vorokhta

Transformer TDN-25 000/110 manufactured by “Zaporozhtransformator” (ZTR) PJSC will be delivered to ski resort “Vorokhta” (Ivano-Frankovkaya region, Ukraine. Equipment will be installed for modernization of single name substation with expansion of its power. 


ZTR shareholders have directed UAH 906 mln for the dividend payment

General meeting of “ZTR”PJSC shareholders was performed on February 23, the year 2012. The order of benefit distribution was approved by the meeting according to results of economic activity of the year 2011. Shareholders made decision to distribute benefit, received according to results of “ZTR” PJSC economic activity in the year 2011 in amount  UAH 906 202 500,00 (UAH 906 millions two hundred two thousand fifty 00 kopeck) among shareholders of “ZTR” PJSC.


ZTR sales are increased for 58% in the year 2011

Results of company activity of the year 2011 as well as plans for the year 2012 were approved within the General meeting of “Zaporozhtransformator” (ZTR)PJSC shareholders performed on February 23 of the current year.  Volume of “Zaporozhtransformator” PJSC production realization in the year 2011 made up UAH 3 billion 717 million 412 thousand, that is 58% higher than sale volume of the year 2010.Benefit in amount UAH 912,5 mln. was received according to results of the year 2011.


ZTR has completed project concerning updating of equipment for Russia

In 2011 the specialists of PJSC «Zaporozhtransformator» (ZTR) developed project as for updating of transformer ТDТN-80000/110-U1 with replacement of outdated tap changer for modern one manufactured by leading German company MR. Since 1990, transformer has been in operation at «Spassk» S/S (Russia). Within updating project for improvement of safety and reliability of equipment, the transformer tank design was adapted for installation of tap changer and its drive. HV and neutral leads, branch pipes for connection to transformer gas-bleeding pipeline and to OLTC conservator tank were updated by ZTR specialists. Such updating will improve efficiency of equipment operation and ensure its qualitative operation.


ZTR will supply transformer to Argentina

PJSC «Zaporozhtransformator» (ZTR) will supply transformer ТDCТN-300000/500 for the Interstate Argentina-Uruguay Energy Company «Salto Grande». Equipment is to be installed at «Colonia Elia» S/S, in Concepcion del Uruguay, province Entre Rios, Argentina. Transformer Plant «Faraday» (Argentina) and «Alstom» Company (Brasilia) were the main competitors of PJSC «ZTR» in tendering for transformer supply. ZTR became the confident winner resulting from intensive tendering competitions.


ZTR has signed the contract with Spanish company Iberdrola Ingenieria y Construccion

PJSC «Zaporozhtransformator» (ZTR) has signed the contract with Spanish company Iberdrola Ingenieria y Construccion for delivery of seven single-phase shunt reactors 60000/500 for reconstruction of open switchgear rated for voltage 500 kV at Votkinskaya HPP in Russia. Dispatch of the first four reactors is scheduled for August, 2012, the next three – for March, 2013. «Spanish company will carry out design, civil and erection works as well as starting and adjusting works at site, – said Mrs. Galiya KOSHKINA, Head of PJSC “ZTR” Sales office. – Iberdrola Ingenieria y Construccion is the traditional client of ZTR equipment for projects in CIS and Foreign countries. The Company has collaborated with PJSC «Zaporozhtransformator» starting from 2001. The first contract was signed for equipment supply for Riga HPP in Latvia».


ZTR will supply the controlled shunt reactors for Angola

In January, 2012 PJSC «Zaporozhtransformator» (ZTR) has signed the contract for delivery of two controlled shunt reactors 100 МVА 400 kV and one controlled shunt reactor 60 МVА 220 kV for Angola. Reactors are to be installed at Capanda Elevadora, Viana and Uige Substations and will be the component of reactive power compensation equipment. The final user of this equipment is the Governmental Energy Company ENE of Angola. «ZTR manufactured and supplied to Angola two controlled shunt reactors 60000/230 in 2007, – noticed Mrs. Galiya KOSHKINA, Head of PJSC “ZTR” Sales office. – CSRs have demonstrated the high level of production and were successfully commissioned for commercial operation». PJSC «ZTR» has experience in equipment delivery to Angola: at the beginning of nineties, ZTR supplied power transformers for Capanda HPP.


Welding production in accordance with international standard ISO 3834 is to be certified at ZTR

Certification project of the company is performed at ZTR in accordance with requirements of international standard ISO 3834 quality of welding. Certification of technology as for welding and brazing procedures, training and certification of staff, professional development of engineers, specifying coordination and observation of welding process and certification of staff performing quality control of weld joints are provided within the project in the years 2011-2012. Project realization was commenced in the year 2011 and for the present time status of international engineers of welding was obtained by two specialists of the chief welder department. Fifteen welding procedures (brazing) and fifteen welders were certified in the year 2011. Training of another two specialists of the department as for the program international welding technologist is scheduled in the year 2012. Completion of certification of the remaining fifteen procedures and 15 welders in order to obtain European certificates, training and certification of staff performing quality control of weld joints is considered to be the next stage. After this supervisory and certification audit of the company will be performed by the independent auditing company “Veritas office Ukraine”; according to its results PJSC “ZTR” will be certified in accordance with standard ISO 3834in the end of the year 2012.

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