ZTR has delivered the shunt reactor to Latvia

“Zaporozhtransformator” PrJSC (ZTR) has delivered the shunt reactor type RTDH-120000/330-Y1 with adjustable reactive power for high-voltage networks of Latvia AS "Augstsprieguma tikls", SS Aizkraukle.
Conventional design of the shunt reactor does not include installation of on-load tap changer (OLTC). But according to the present project, the Customer put forward the requirement to manufacture the reactor equipped with the tap changer. Prior to this, ZTR has already supplied the equipment of such type to Poland.
In addition to power adjustment under load, the special feature of this reactor is the property providing regulation by means of on-load tap changer to ensure switching at minimum permissible temperature minus 40°C.

To ensure functioning of the tap changer device at such low temperatures, special oil having reduced viscosity is used in the compartment of on-load tap changer.
To ensure the convenience of inspection during operation, the on-load tap changer is placed into separate compartment filled with special oil.
This reactor is also unique due to the fact that insulating plate is installed between the tank of the reactor and the compartment of tap changer device, which provides possibility to carry out maintenance of on-load tap changer without draining the oil from the main tank.
In accordance with the Contract terms, the reactor has already been delivered to the site and ZTR supervision engineer has already left to supervise installation and commissioning of the equipment.


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