Business trip to “ZTR” PrJSC

Business trip to “ZTR” PrJSC

In April, the delegation from Kazakhstan - top management of Central Asian Electric Power Corporation Company - visited “ZTR” PrJSC. Based on the results of the rating of "Expert-200-Kazakhstan", JSC "CAEC” is the largest private vertically integrated power Company in Kazakhstan.

The Corporation is the leader among the private power generating companies in Kazakhstan. Total installed heat capacity of the Corporation is 2,953 Gcal/h. Total length of power transmission lines makes up 50.5 thsd. km, and of heat supply networks - 989.9 km. The Company provides electricity to more than two million people.

JSC "CAEC” is our Customer under the current contract signed in February 2018. Under the terms of the Contract, “ZTR” PrJSC undertakes to manufacture and install the autotransformer rated for capacity 240 MVA and purposed for replacement of the failed transformer at TPP Petropavlovskaya-2. At the moment the advance payment for the Contract has been received, and delivery of the equipment is scheduled for June of this year.

The business trip of the representatives of the Corporation was purposed for control of manufacture of the transformer, verification of the terms specified in the Contract. Within this visit the representatives of JSC "CAEC" got also acquainted with the main production facilities of ZTR and visited the gallery-exposition of "ZTR" PrJSC. The delegation members have noted the up-to-date level of technical equipment, large-scale modernization and high-level of the production culture.

During negotiations the management of the Companies have discussed the prospects for further cooperation between JSC "CAEC" and "ZTR" PrJSC in the field of supply of the power transformers, as well as replacement of existing equipment.


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