Igor Kleyner: "We are able to work and look to the future with confidence"

Igor Kleyner:

Despite the recent crisis, “Zaporozhtransformator” has managed to get out of the situation with minimal losses and returned to sustainable activities. How did you manage to restore sustainability at the Company and prospects within such a short period of time?

- Back in the day, entering the test zone, the plant “Zaporozhtransformator” has managed to mobilize all internal resources, built-up appropriate anti-crisis program, and therefore was able to return to sustainable activities of the Company. A lot has been done to minimize the risks and negative effects of economic turbulence, and the strategy was developed to expose in proper time the negative factors, the weak points and to negate their impacts. It is important that, in disregard of all difficulties, the main team has had the chance to be maintained. It really became more difficult to receive the orders, but the Company is working, the production cycle is loaded, and due to the fact that “Zaporozhtransformator” represents the Company focused on production of high-intellectual and quality equipment, we remain the competitive Company in the International markets - says Igor Kleyner.
Concerning a provision of quality products in accordance with International Standards, the strategic extend of the Company is both “ZTR” general certification as well as certification of individual critical technological processes.
So, for example, within the period since 2014 to 2016 our Company conducted the preliminary activities as referred to recertification according to ISO 9001: 2015 “Quality Management Systems. Requirements”, and ISO 14001: 2015 “Environmental Management Systems. Requirements.”
In spite of possibility to be re-certified only in 2018, the Company management has taken the solution to carry out re-certification in the year 2017, tending effectively to improvement of the Company’s competitiveness in the markets of Ukraine and Europe. The series of subsequent certification and supervisory audits allowed us to switch over to a new version of the standard.
At the end of 2017 we successfully passed re-certification of welding production for compliance with the requirements of ISO 3834-2, "Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials. Comprehensive quality requirements”. And compliance with International Standards of “ZTR” Test Laboratory ensures recognition of the data accompanying our products in the foreign markets.

Another important achievement of the year 2017 is diagnostic audit of the Company's pre-arrangement for certification regarding the compliance with ISO 12944 “Corrosion protection of steel structures by protective paint systems”, which serves for improvement of the appearance of the transformer products, prolongation of the coating service life and bringing of the Company paint production to higher technical level.

Consequently, as Igor Kleyner emphasizes, we can be proud not only of the quality as to our products, but also of the level of technological processes relevant to International Standards.

- What are the foreign markets being ZTR orientation at the moment?

- as showed in 2016, we are still remembered and pleased in our main markets of presence. These are Belarus, Kazakhstan, India, Iran, and Argentina. We have not only restored the former relations, but also strengthened our contacts, with extension of the list of the products supplied through the reactors.

In addition, new markets have appeared on the map of our deliveries. So, in 2017, the reference list of ZTR deliveries joined by the 88th country - South Africa, to which ZTR has delivered the controlled shunt reactor. Also last year the Company shipped 5 reactors to Malaysia and delivered the transformers to Saudi Arabia. The order was received to supply the shunt reactor for high-voltage networks in Latvia; and the contract was signed for manufacture of 6 transformers for Georgia.

As is evident, the main products of the year 2017 are the reactors. The choice of us as the manufacturer of this product and the trust of our customers are due to our rich experience in production of the reactors and the autotransformers for India, where we have delivered more than 70 units of transformer equipment.

In terms of expansion of the list of supplied products, it is necessary to note also the expert System for Monitoring, Diagnostics and Control ECMDU-TRANS developed with consideration of individual features of the designs, the materials used and the test results of specific equipment. Delivery of such System in addition to the main products allows us to have an advantage over other manufacturers. In turn for the Customers it is convenient to purchase the products and the Monitoring Systems from the same supplier - this gives them a guarantee of the personality of development, as well as of prompt and quality after-sale service.

Our representation in the foreign markets is also improved thanks to annual participation in the largest International Exhibition in the Middle East, Exhibitions in Kazakhstan, Georgia, Belarus.

The active work is continuing in the native Ukrainian market. Today, along with quality of the products, our advantage is prompt response to the orders. Established contacts with the suppliers of the materials and the components allow us to be faster than other manufacturers, and carry out operations within the period requested by the Customer. In addition, we continuously carry out the informational work aimed at acquaintance with new developments in the field of improvement of equipment safety and enhancement of diagnostic techniques for power transformer plants. To this end, in February of this year, “ZTR” held a large-scale seminar for technical and commercial departments of SE NEC Ukrenergo.

- Last year “Zaporizhtransformator” was awarded the upper estimate in the rating of machine-building enterprises of Ukraine. What is your assessment of such result?
The impeccable reputation of the Company and solid position of “ZTR brand” are the natural persistence of our production quality and stability, reliability of our products. Confirmation of this was the recognition of us as the Company with the highest reputation in machine-building industry, according to the rating “Reputational ACTIVists", issued in 2017 by business weekly publication “Business”.
For us it is the great honor. In real-world context this means that our Company has been working in the market for a long period of time and possesses high financial and economic stability; the Company is managed by leading managers, and its highly-qualified commercial and technical personnel ensures the authority of the Company by means of advanced developments, strict observance of technologies and the Customers’ requirements.

- In view of such success, please inform us about the activities of the staff involved directly in the production.

- The professional development of the staff at all levels is important for us. We believe that this is the ticket to success at all times, even at the hardest ones. Therefore, the most consideration is paid to training of our employees. We appreciate the personnel continuity, the transfer of stored knowledge and the skills by experienced highly qualified specialists to the younger generation; we are engaged in the development of young professionals, ensuring possibility for everyone to prove themselves.

For the year 2018 many projects are scheduled as to training of our young managers, succession pool members, as well as a series of specialized training events.

What is still very important, owing to effective team work we have managed to create the basis for increasing the rate of remuneration of our employees. In such a way, based on the results of the year 2017, the wage increase in the Company amounted to the average of 20%. And also, according to the results of the first quarter of 2018, we expect the increase of wage rate in the Company to the average of 18%.

- In defiance of the crisis times, “Zaporozhtransformator” has managed to safe and modernize its social infrastructure: the Sports Palace, the Palace of Culture, the “Chaika” sanatorium.

- ZTR is the socially responsible Company. Therefore, we regularly allocate the funds for the treatment of our employees. It includes treatment using the vouchers without lodging, and the full-value sanatorium-resort therapy during summer period. There are valid programs for children for recreation in the camps. In “ZTR” Sports Palace the sports competitions are held: sports and athletic meeting, sports days, competitions between the families "Dad, Mom and I". Various festive events are held in the Palace of Culture.

The support is rendered for orthodox children's home “Nadezhda”, for the veterans of war and labor, military units. For several years we have been participating in the marathon for supporting ATO soldiers, the telethon "Pamyat” associated with the Victory Day.

Due to administration support, there are many youth programs and projects. Among them are those aimed at active recreation of our youth, and such as “School of Foreman” project, that provide the assistance for our young employees for enhancement of their personal potential, leadership skills, and merits of the responsible manager. Indeed, we associate our future with young specialists; and therefore we create the full-value conditions for their development and growth.
At the same time, we do not disregard those who worked dedicatedly at our enterprise for many years and built-up the traditions of reliability and quality of our products. Therefore, it is safe to say that “ZTR” team is consolidated not only by means of labor, but also by common interests outside the plant walls.

- Surely you know the team credo of “ZTR” team. Please, disclose the secret.

- Our team is charged-up for the result and the common goal. Everyone understands that more than ever today it is necessary to carry out activities using absolutely different level of responsibility - qualitatively, reliably, with confirmation of the authority of the Company in the market. Therefore, we are able to work and look to the future with confidence.


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