Employees of ZTR have visited the Solar Power Plant

Employees of ZTR have visited the Solar Power Plant

Employees of “ZTR” PrJSC Sales and Design Department have visited the Solar Power Plant.
The main purpose of the trip was to get acquainted with operation of the Solar Power Plant (PP), as well as get the feedback about operation of the transformer delivered by ZTR. During technical meeting, discussion was dedicated to the following stages of cooperation related to delivery of equipment for the second stage.

During the trip our employees participated in a kind of "safari" along the illimitable fields of solar batteries and visited the commissioned substation.
The Solar Power Plant has expanded from 5 to 32 hectares of the area since 2012, and today the total capacity makes up 10 megawatts - this is only the first startup stage of the solar batteries, in the future the total capacity will be increased up to 22-25 MW and this will allow to ensure in complete scope the electricity for two districts of the region: Tokmaksky and Orekhovsky. To December 2018 the capacity of the Solar Power Plant near Tokmak city is planned to be increased up to 50 MW. According to preliminary calculations, the electricity produced by SPP, which will be sold according to "green" pricing to general network, is enough to provide energy requirements for residents of 6 districts of Zaporozhye region.

It is interesting that to ensure the operation of this Power Plant, only 20 persons are required, which is equal to mini-office in the city. For construction of complete Solar Power Plant, about 60 people were involved.
Construction of such Power Plants in our region will make it possible to reduce overall pollution level of the environment. After all, it is not a secret for anyone that residents of Zaporozhye region suffer from industrial emissions because of high concentration of industrial facilities. Solar Power Plants are not only environmentally friendly, but the resource consumed by them has no boundaries.
It should be also noted that such Power Plants can also operate during overcast day. When the sky is overcast, electricity production does not stop, but the overall factors are decreased.

Both sides are satisfied with negotiations, and ZTR representatives wished success for “Tokmak Solar Energy” and expressed the hope that such Plants will become the reality not only in Tokmak, but also in other areas of the region, because the alternative power is the future.


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