The first transformer for

The first transformer for

For many years “Zaporozhtransformator” PJSC (ZTR) equipment operated successfully at the facilities of National Power Company "Ukrenergo " and has established itself at the high level. Recently the Contract has entered into force between "ZTR" PJSC and "Ukrenergo" for earlier tender for equipment supply. The tender includes the transformer equipment for all energy systems: autotransformers and reactors rated for voltage 750 kV, autotransformers for 330 kV, as well as linear transformers. The Company team is attentive towards each Contract with responsibly, and try to satisfy the demands of all Customers.

Zaporozhye transformer manufacturer has pleasantly surprised the Customers by preterm testing of the first autotransformer for substation “Gornaya” of Dneprovskaya Power Network.

Mrs. Galina Karyaka, "ZTR" PJSC Deputy Sales Director noted: "In July we tested successfully the autotransformer 250 MVA, 330 kV, for substation "Gornaya” of of Dneprovskaya Power Network. This is the first autotransformer related to this order which includes 22 units of equipment. We are confident that complete Contract will be also completed ahead of the schedule".

The testing was witnessed by the representatives of the Customer. Mr. Patenko Sergey, representative of Krivoy Rog backbone nrtworks DES NEC "Ukrenergo", commented the following: "We are pleasantly surprised by what we have seen. We were able to observe the technological process, which is an order of magnitude superior to what you have seen before. ZTR production culture is at a high level."

Mr. Vladimir Sukhachev, the representative of NEC 'Ukrenego, highly assessed ZRE employees. “The Contract is complied in accordance with jointly developed schedule, so the appraisal is only perfect”.

For today ZTR has developed and submitted to production all design and technical documentation required for execution of the order "Ukrenergo”. ZTR team expresses its gratitude to power engineers for their confidence.  As always, Zaporozhye transformer company intends to confirm its brand leader of Ukrainian transformer manufacturer. At the current date 4 transformers have passed the tests already.


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