Zaporozhye enterprise has appealed to the deputies of Verkhovna Rada, who represent the Zaporozhye region for assistance

Zaporozhye enterprise has appealed to the deputies of Verkhovna Rada, who represent the Zaporozhye region for assistance

“Zaporozhtransformator” PJSC (ZTR) has appealed to people’s deputies, elected from the Zaporozhye region and having the close relationships with the region, for assistance in resolving of artificial situation as referred to the Company, which has been established as a result of political bias and arbitrariness of the officials of State Fiscal Service of Ukraine. The appeal was addressed to the people's deputies I.A. Artyushenko, V.V. Bandurov, V.A. Boguslayev, H.V. Vanat, S.V. Valentirov, V.V. Krivohatko, A.V. Kuzhel, A. S. Ponomarev, P.P. Sabashuk, S.V. Sobolev, N.A. Frolov.

“"ZTR” PJSC is the only enterprise in Zaporizhia region, to which State Fiscal Service of Ukraine does not reimburse VAT for the year 2015 (!) in amount of UAH 3 431 614. The term of repayment of the budgetary compensation for April of the last year was assigned on 17.06.2015. But until now, due to exercised political bias and abuse of the power by officials of State Fiscal Service, the issue has not been resolved, "- noted in the appeal.

At the request of ZTR, people’s deputy of Ukraine, N. A. Frolov has appealed by his letter to R. M. Nasirov, the Chairman of State Fiscal Service. ZTR believes tha the answer arrived is, "absurd and formal because it pointed to the need to verify the declared recoverable amounts based on the results of the audits. This suggests that the appeal was not even read. Since the letter of people's deputy as well in the letter of "ZTR" PJSC General Director pointed out that the indebtedness of the state has been confirmed by experts of SGNI as to OKP at Zaporozhye, MGU GFS – within field unscheduled documentary audit, which resulted in submission of the certificate dated 22.06.15. The Company has repeatedly appealed for above reimbursement, however, Mr. Nasirov instructed to prepare the response to Mr. Afonov or pass over at all."

Due to failure to reimburse the amount of VAT and significant devaluation of Ukrainian hryvnia, it is impossible to employ almost 3.5 million UAH for production activities throughout the year. “ZTR” PJSC has appealed to the court for recovery of the interests accrued as referred to budget debt. Thus, Mr. R.M. Nasirov has caused the losses not only to the Company, but also to the State, as currently the penalty in the amount of UAH 776 761.42 is under appealing in the court, and this amount is growing up every day.

"Dear deputies! You understand perfectly as it is difficult now to operate and maintain the labor teams within war and economic crisis. Therefore, this situation, which in our opinion is the political bias, artificial, disgraceful one, and makes a damage not only to the Company, but also undermines the authority of State Fiscal Service and the role of people's deputies of Ukraine. In fact, the appeal of N. A. Frolov, people's deputy of Ukraine, the Deputy Chairman of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraineon the issues of taxation and customs policy, has been ignored by the central bodies.

We address the request to you, Zaporozhye lobby, within next session of the Verkhovna Rada to demonstrate the adherence to the principles and force Mr. R.M. Nasirov to execute his duties and do not exercise the political bias", - noted in the apeal.


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