Transformer for Guinea has been tested successfully

The transformer TRDN-25000/110-T1 manufactured for JSC "Bauxite Company Chindia" (Guinea) has been successfully tested at Zaporozhtransformator" PJSC (ZTR).

The transformer will be shipped to the factory in December 2015, and its transportation to Guinea should be carried out in the containers. Such type of transportation is nonstandard, and allows significantly to reduce transportation costs that originally has been resulted in receipt of this order for equipment supply.

Before, "ZTR" PJSC has already had the experience of deliveries to this customer. In 2005 ZTR manufactured and delivered to JSC "Bauxite Company Chindia" two transformers rated for 16 MVA, 16 kV.

ZTR is confident in further development of fruitful cooperation with the Customer - Guinean Company, and receipt of new mutually beneficial Contracts.


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