"ZTR" PJSC has summarized the works of Service Center within 2015

Within the year 2015 the department of supervision engineers has completed installation of the transformer equipment in quantity 120 units including 96 transformers and 24 of the reactor. Works were carried out at the sites of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Argentina, India, Peru, Spain, Vietnam, Poland, Armenia, Georgia, etc.

Currently, mounting works are carried out as regards to autotransformers AODTN-500000/765 at  S/S Champa in India, reactors ROM-60000/500, autotransformers AODTSTN-167000/500 at S/S Jvari, Georgia, transformers TRDN-80000/330, autotransformers ATDTSTN-400000 / 400, reactors RTM-29750/36 and transformers ZTM-315/33 in Jordan, etc.

Within 2015 the diagnostics department has performed the inspection of 14 transformers at 9 sites, completed successfully  the preparatory works (programs, design analysis, test-plans) as referred to complex and specialized diagnostics at the objects "Poltavaoblenergo" - 43 transformers, "Chernigivoblenergo" - 29 transformers, "Central Power Company "- 27 transformers," Sumyoblenergo "- 9 transformers, “Vinnitsaoblenergo” - 7 transformers.

The specialists of reapair department have completed operations on 49 units of equipment, including 40 transformers and 9reactors in Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Tajikistan, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Argentina, etc. Emergency an retrofitting repairs woth replacement of winding of the transformer 400 MVA, 500 kV, at HPP Toktogul (Kyrgyzstan) and three reactors 50 MVA, 500 kV, at S/S Makachin (Argentina), overhaul of the transformer 200 MVA, 330 kV at S/S Bitenay (Lithuania), the works related to active part inspection on the transformers 125 MVA, 220 kV at S/S "T-10", 250 MVA 500 kV at HPP Zeya, and other facilities. They have completed training (programming, introduction to technical documentation) as referred to repair of transformers at the sites "Poltavaoblenergo", "Chernigivoblenergo", "Central Power Company", "Summyoblenergo", "Vinnitsaoblenergo".

In the face of increased competition, the specialists of "ZTR" PJSC Service Center are seeking to carry out their works at maximum possible level of quality to meet the Customer requirements both as to the maximum level of quality and reliability of the procucts manufactured by the Company, and the level of service.


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