Testing of the first unit of transformer for Saudi Arabia has been completed successfully

The tests of the first unit of the transformers 100 MVA, 132 kV manufactured for Saudi Arabia have been successfully completed at  "Zaporozhtransformator" PJSC (ZTR) . The end customer is National Grid SA (subdivision of Saudi Electricity Company). The representatives of the end customer have witnessed the tats along with representative of independent inspection agency Bureau Veritas (Ukraine).

Testing of the next transformer is scheduled in the second half of November. In total four units of the were manufactured for this customer and all of them are scheduled to be tasted before the end of the present year.

This is the first delivery contract of our Company to Saudi Arabia. ZTR has passed a long procedure of prequalification completed at the beginning of 2014. Currently ZTR is the only Company in CIS countries which has been prequalified in Saudi Electricity Company.

After inclusion in the list of approved suppliers ZTR actively participates in tenders on transformer equipment. This resulted in the receipt of the first order: Transformers TDTN-100000/132, TDTN-73000/110, TDTN-60000/132 and TDTN-67000/110.

A special feature of this project is a fact that each of supplied transformers should serve as a standby (reserve) unit for several other transformers having similar power and voltage, but manufactured by various manufacturers at different times, and therefore having the differing dimensions, layout, components used, etc. One of spare transformers will be supplied with two sets of HV bushings to ensure interchangeability with several types of old transformers, characterized by different connection method to the network. Above requirements imply a high responsibility of the equipment Supplier.

Equipment will be dispatched before the end of 2015.


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