In the first quarter ZTR Service Center has realized mounting of 32 transformers and 7 reactors

“Zaporozhtransformator” PJSC (ZRE) has summarized the results of Service Center activities in the first quarter of the year 2015.

For the period of three months of 2015 the supervision department has completed erection of 39 units of transformer equipment including 32 transformers and 7 reactors. The works were carried out at major strategic objects of Republic of Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia, India, etc.

Currently the works are carrying out as referred to mounting of 7 reactors rated for 110 MVAr, 765 kV at s/s Wharda, 80 MVAr reactor 765 kV at s/s Bareilly, 3 autotransformers 600 MVA, 765 kV at s/s Champa in India, 2 autotransformers 240 MVA, 330 kV at s/s Tihoretskaya (Tihoretsk, RF), 300 MVA, 500 kV transformer equipped with ZTR monitoring system at s/s Henderson (Argentina), 2 transformers 80 MVA, 220 kV at HPP Rybinskaya (Rybinsk, RF) and at other sites of RF and Ukraine.

For the period of I quarter of 2015, diagnostics department successfully performed the preliminary works (programs, design review, test schedules) as for complex and special diagnostics at the objects: “Ukrenergo” – 70 transformers, “Energoatom Ukraine” – 22 transformers, GRES-PP Moldavskaya – 6 transformers, HPP Zeyskaya and HPP Cheboksarskaya. 

Specialists of repair department are performing the works at 2 sites related to emergency and reconditioning repair with winding replacement of 400 MVA, 500 kV transformer at HPP Tocktogulskaya (Kyrgyzstan), and for complete overhaul of 200 MVA, 330 kV transformer at s/s Bitenay (Lithuania). In addition, preparation (issue of programs, acquaintance with technical documents) is now in process at “Ukrenergo” sites modernization – 16 transformers; equipment with monitoring system – 18 transformers; performance of complete overhaul – 5 transformers.

In the conditions of increased competition, “ZTR” PJSC Service Center specialists strive for performance of the works at the highest possible quality level to satisfy the Customer both as referred to the quality and the reliability of products manufactured by the company, and also the level of services.


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