ZTR has entered the market of Saudi Arabia

ZTR has entered the market of Saudi Arabia

The Company National Grid S.A., subdivision of Saudi Electricity Company (Saudi Arabia) made order for supply of reserve transformers to be manufactured by “Zaporozhtransformator” PJSC.

This is the first contract signed between our Company and Saudi Arabia. Task of entering Saudi Arabia market was set as back as in 2010. But due to the fact that for the purpose of equipment purchase by subdivisions of Saudi Electricity Company the Manufacturer should be included into the list of approved suppliers of this Company, long-term prequalification required which was completed in the beginning of 2014. At the moment, ZTR is the only Company within post-soviet area which has passed prequalification in Saudi Electricity Company.

After inclusion into the list of approved suppliers, ZTR is actively participating in the tenders for transformer equipment. This has resulted in obtaining of the first order: transformers ТDTN-100000/132, ТDTN-73000/110, ТDTN-60000/132 и ТDTN-67000/110. Jointly with local partner – CEPCO, ZTR has ordered the most competitive prices and confirmed technical requirements of the Customer in full scope.

The present project is distinguished by the feature that each of the supplied transformers supplied is purposed to be the reserve transformer for some others transformers simultaneously, which are similar as for capacity and voltage but been manufactured by different manufactures and in different time, and in the wake of this, are varying as for outline dimensions, layout, components employed, etc. One of reserve transformers will be supplied with two sets of high-voltage bushings of different types to ensure interchangeability with several types of old transformers, having different methods of connection to the network.

Above stated requirements suppose high responsibility to be hold by the supplier of the equipment. To ensure information acquisition as referred to all special features of the transformers existing at site, ZTR General Designer visited the substations in January of the year 2015. Gathered information will be employed within designing of new transformers.

Equipment will be delivered to the substations in November 2015.


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