Palace of Sports of “ZTR” PJSC is one of the best in the city

Palace of Sports of “ZTR” PJSC is one of the best in the city

“Zaporozhtransformator” PJSC has completed investment project as for modernization of Palace of Sports. The project execution is resulted in complete reconstruction of the building of sport complex, repair and fitting-out of 4 sport halls, accommodation spacers, and provision of comfort condition for sports training.

Repair works were initiated in September 2012 and completed in the second six months of 2014.

Palace of Sports of “ZTR” PJSC ensures continuous possibility for the company employees, their children and city inhabitants to improve their health.  Company employees take part in training hours during preparation for the company sports contest as well as regional sports competitions. Based on the sports complex, training and matches of ZTR handball team, activities of sports sections, athletic pursuits which popularize healthy life-style among the company employees and the city inhabitants are took place.
In the sports halls the coating which corresponds to International standards was renovated; weight-lifting hall was equipped with new sports facilities. In the halls for rhythmic sportive gymnastics, both - young gymnasts and adult Tae Kwon Do teams have already commenced their trainings; handball school has proceeded to preparation of young sportsmen. Since October, training as for fitness and weight-lifting have been started.

“Zaporozhtransformator” PJSC is socially oriented company which deal with the whole complex of social programs directed to provision of conditions concerning the employees’ restoration and health improvement, organization of their leisure time. All people at the plant are certain about the fact that opening of Palace of Sports is the festive occasion not only for the company employees but also for the city as a whole.


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