ZTR transformers and reactors will be delivered to Jordan

Transformers and reactors manufactured by “Zaporozhtransformator” (ZTR) PJSC will be delivered to Jordanian   National Electric Power Company (NEPCO). In accordance with the requirements of the contract 2 autotransformers rated for power 400 MVA, voltage class 400 kV, 2 earthing transformers and 2 shunt reactors will be manufactured and delivered by ZTR. Equipment will be installed at substation  Amman West (Jordan). Own development of “ZTR” PJSC – monitoring system will be also included into the scope of delivery.

In the year 2013 NEPCO has performed bidding as for equipment delivery for substation Amman West. Earlier ZTR had experience of collaboration with National Electric Power Company.  Starting from the year  1996 and up to 2000 years 9 transformers rated for voltage 132 and 33 kV were delivered by ZTR to different power objects of the company. In accordance to requirement it was necessary not only to provide manufacturing and marine transportation of equipment as well as to organize custom clearance of cargo in Jordan, delivery direct to substation, mounting and commissioning. For decision of the given issues, ZTR has organized discussion of issues with local subcontractors in Jordan.

On completion of technical estimation of offers Siemens-Koncar (Croatia) has become competitor of  ZTR in this project.  “Zaporozhtransformator” PJSC was selected as the supplier of equipment due to provision of the most beneficial quotation as well as confirmation of all requirements of the final customer.

Project implementation “for operation” is to be the peculiarities of the present contract.  Delivery and cabling between the equipment and remote control panels as well as monitoring system are included into the scope of the contract except mounting and test of equipment at substation.     

Equipment will be dispatched in July of the year 2015.


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