ZTR transformer for Argentina will be manufactured in record short terms

“Zaporozhtransformetor” (ZTR) PJSC has signed contract on delivery of transformer rated for power 300 MVA voltage class 500 kV for interstate Argentina- and-Uruguay power company  CTM Salto Grande. Transformer is purposed for operation at substations Colonia Elia,  Concepcion del Uruguay, province Entre Rios, Argentina.

Due to emergency failure of transformer at substation, extremely short terms of supply – 6 months- have become basic requirement of the Customer at the selection of supplier.  Similar transformer for this Customer has been already manufactured by ZTR, it was dispatched in April of the year 2013 – that`s why ZTR could confirm terms of delivery and complete preparation of technological and design documentation.  Equipment was purchased without tender in accordance with decision of Economic Affairs Department in Argentina.

“Zaporozhtransformator” PJSC collaborates with CTM Salto Grande Campany for a long period of time. In the year 1998 equipment was dispatched for the first time. At that time ten single-phase transformers rated for power 100 MVA voltage class 500 kV were supplied by ZTR for HPP  Salto Grande in the boundary between Uruguay and Argentina. At present time transformers are successfully operated.

According to new contract dispatch of equipment is scheduled for August of the year 2014.

By means of this Delivery ZTR has confirmed reputation of reliable equipment supplier for Customers of countries of Latin America.


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