ZTR reactor will be supplied to Vietnam

“Zaporozhtransformer” PJSC has signed contract with Vietnam Company Power Transmission Company No.2 (PTC2) as for delivery of shunt reactors rated for power 128 MVA, 500 kV for substation Da Nang (Vietnam).

PTC2 company is to be one of fourth regional subdivisions of National Power Transmission Corporation – state corporation, responsible for power transmission to Vietnam.
ZTR PJSC has collaborated with National Power Transmission Corporation for a long period. Since the year 2003 “Zaporozhtransformator” PJSC has manufactured and successfully dispatched 23 autotransformers rated for voltage class 220 kV and 500kV, as well as 4 shunt reactors rated for voltage class 500 kV for Vietnam Corporation.  
In the year 2013 Vietnam Company has performed Tender for the equipment delivery.  For correspondence to requirements of PTC2 Company “Zaporozhtransformer” PJSC in association with consortium of local Vietnam Company Tinh Cau Ltd. will provide manufacturing and transportation of reactor to sea port of Vietnam as well as clearance of cargo and supply reactor to substation.

In accordance with requirements of contract, Customer has requested for 4 sets of monitoring devices of dissolved gases in oil manufactured by Kelman (Ireland). One set will be used for installation at new reactor, and three sets will be installed at equipment existing at substation.

Jointly with ZTR, Siemens Company (Austria) has become the main rivalry at tender.  As the result, Supply was awarded to “ZTR” PJSC due to optimum quotation as well as terms of delivery. Authority of the company as well as positive references of technical specialists of  National Power Transmission Corporation on ZTR equipment operated at corporation for a long period have become main factors for order reception.

Reactor dispatch is scheduled for the 4th quarter of the year 2014.


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