Sanatory building of Sanatorium and dispensary complex “Chayka” of PJSC “ZTR” is one of the best in the city

Repair of sanatory building of sanatorium and dispensary complex “Chayka” of PJSC “Zaporozhtransformator” (ZTR) is already completed. Investments of project as for renovation of sanatory building made up UAH 2.5 mln. 

Applied assets were directed for reconstruction and modernization of medical base of sanatorium-preventorium. Repair work were commenced in October of the year 2011 and completed in May of the current year. For the present time sanatory building of “Chayka” is equipped with new baths and shower cubicles for medical procedures, there are also baths with hydro massage, speleoroom, infrared sauna and also updated rooms of laser and physiotherapy. 

«For the present sanatory building of ZTR is one of the best in the city, - mentioned Tatyana ZYK, Director on Administrative and social affairs of PJSC “ZTR”.  – Our purpose is to create and provide all conditions to keep health of ZTR workers on the high level».

Program as for health protection is actively applied at the company; main purpose of this program is prevention and health improvement of the company workers.


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