Welding production in accordance with international standard ISO 3834 is to be certified at ZTR

Certification project of the company is performed at ZTR in accordance with requirements of international standard ISO 3834 quality of welding. Certification of technology as for welding and brazing procedures, training and certification of staff, professional development of engineers, specifying coordination and observation of welding process and certification of staff performing quality control of weld joints are provided within the project in the years 2011-2012. Project realization was commenced in the year 2011 and for the present time status of international engineers of welding was obtained by two specialists of the chief welder department. Fifteen welding procedures (brazing) and fifteen welders were certified in the year 2011.

Training of another two specialists of the department as for the program international welding technologist is scheduled in the year 2012. Completion of certification of the remaining fifteen procedures and 15 welders in order to obtain European certificates, training and certification of staff performing quality control of weld joints is considered to be the next stage. After this supervisory and certification audit of the company will be performed by the independent auditing company “Veritas office Ukraine”; according to its results PJSC “ZTR” will be certified in accordance with standard ISO 3834in the end of the year 2012.

In January welders of the company, certified in the year 2011, have obtained personal certificates. «Presence of staff certified in accordance with European standard as well as possession of certificate confirmed stable quality during welding will permit to withstand strict rivalry with other manufacturers of the transformer equipment and as well as to expand stock of orders, – mentioned Director on Human Resources of PJSC “ZTR” Yuliana Perun. – Personal super ranking will permit to the specialist of welding jointly with other workshop specialists significantly improve quality of welded metal structures, increase competitiveness of ZTR production in the market of the world power engineering. For the present time during contract signing for the transformer delivery there is the problem as for guaranteed quality of the provided welding».


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