Diagnostic equipment

Measurments at energized equipment

Type of diagnostics Purpose Measuring equipment  

Measurement of AC dielectric characteristics

Assessment of insulation state; timely detection of local defects in insulation; forecasting of operaton life and load capacity of transformers

Estimation of radiated thermal energy, defect revealing according to variation of temperature field and disturbances of thermal balance.

Identification of a number of defects: local heating of structural elements, presence of oil stagnation zones, inefficient operatipon of cooling system, deterioration of contact joints condition, occurence of shorted circuits, deterioration of HV bushing insulation and current transformers, etc.

NEC Sanei Thermovision camera ТН9100WV, «NEC Sanei», Japan
Vibration measurment

Check of correspondence of equipment vibration parameters to the requirments of Standards; estimation of the mechanical stresses on insulation, metal structures and fasteners occured in conditions of equipment vibration; development and reasoning of constructional measures to reduce vibration and noise of equipment.

Bruel & Kjear Vibro
Data collector 2526 Series, «Bruel & Kjear Vibro», Denmark;

SVAN-956, «SVANTEK», Poland
Inspection of acoustic characteristics

Workplace noise level estimation; chousing of hearing organs protective means; products' quality control, octave and one-third octave sound analysis in the real time mode

Bruel & Kjear Portable analizer, Type 2250, «Bruel & Kjear», Denmark

Express dissolved gases analisys (DGA) of transformer oil

Check for abnormal thermal and discharge processes in the equipment

Kelman Gas analiser TransportX, «Kelman», Nothern Ireland

Measurements and testing at de-energized equipment

Type of diagnostics Purpose Measuring equipment  
AC measurement of dielectric characteristics Estimation of insulation condition according to measured parameters: dielectric loss tangent and capacitance of insulation Insulation analyzer M4000, «Doble», USA
Measurement of insulation resistance Estimation of insulation condition related in particular to absorption. Determination of insulation condition in electric plants with grounds for further preventive actions

Megohmmeter CA 6547, «CHAUVIN ARNOUX», France;


MIC-5000, «SONEL», Poland

Adjustment of OLTC diverter switches, accumulation and storage of switching oscillograms It is purposed for measurement of time parameters and adjustment of tap changers at site and stationary conditions (OLTC diverter switches) Current recorder «Parma RT 1.16», «Parma», Russia
Inspection of hard-to-reach transformers areas Measurement and revealing of defects Video system IPLEX, «Olympus», Japan

Amplitude-frequency analysis (FRA) of transformer

Determination of mechanical state of windings and magnetic core, detection of defects in earthing circuit and lead fastening

Omicron Diagnostics complex: FRAnalyzer «Omicron», Austria

Other typical measurements of transformers parameters

Assessment of condition of transformer and its components according to no-load characteristics at reduced voltage, windings DC resistance, short circuit impedance

LEM Multimiters: UNIGOR 380, UNIGOR 390, «LEM», Germany